Make an Entrance - Front Doors

Make the entrance YOU want to the home you love. The front door can say so much, why make it ordinary?

Extend the look. This unique design makes the door appear ceiling height and the wood plank look draws the eye up for a spectacular product!
Make it ART. Even the circular handles reinforce the wood carved design around.

Meet traditional glam. This Mediterranean coastal look fits in perfectly in Southern California with a deep wood stain and light stone surrounds.

Think outside of the box. An all white home with a cherry red swivel door... why not!?

What's YOUR look?

New and Improved Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens are multi-functional spaces.

People gather, people work, people cook, and people lounge.

So what can we do to make a room like this, fit all those titles?? GLAMOUR-GUARD it in ways you've never thought of.

Yes, we've talked about our love of quartz and everything durable, but what about those special ideas built into the space itself? Here are some tips:

1. Build a workspace into the island. One that can come and go as needed, just push it back in for more space.

2. Separate charging drawers for each of our technology pieces

3. Barn doors on pantries are now all the rage

4. Pull out drawers large enough to house small appliances and keep them out of sight

5. Cabinet hung spice racks

6. Special drawers that tuck away the "messy" kitchen utensils

Each of these ideas turn heads and blow minds. Let's put them to work!

Why to Love Black Marble

Move over, Carrara... There's a new kid on the block.

While white marble will NEVER go out of style because of it's classic and clean appearance, we are here to educate you on the love we also have for BLACK marbles. 

This dark, beautiful stone can transform any space into a new and different place. How do you use it? Here are a few different places we have seen it put to use:

1. Furniture. Everyone has seen this tulip table in white... but that's not the only color it comes in. A black marble tulip is just as gorgeous and adds a little drama to the space.

2. Feeling bold? Flooring. For the right space, this could be the answer you've been looking for when paired with white walls and modern furniture. 

3. Countertops. Whether it's a gorgeous slab that stretched the budget on the island, or a simple black marble all around, the space lights up with a pop.

4. Backsplash. Did you walk right past that beautiful slab in the slab yard and wonder, how to display that "piece of art"? This is how. 

5. Bathrooms. The name of the game is contrast. From white everything to a shower in black ... each offsets their own for the perfect balance.

6. Vanities. Try using it as a sink backsplash and you can make a very simple white vessel look like a sculptural composition. This a great look to use in a powder room, as very little material will be needed to cover a wall, meaning you can get a luxe look at a lower price.

Are you sold??

Modern Flowers for a Fresh Space

Many people may think that flowers are "out of style" .... or "traditional".... but we say NO!
If you use the RIGHT flowers in the correct way, you can accomplish things accessories just can't. 

Here are some of our favorite foliage for a contemporary setting, and HOW to use them correctly!

This little bud is not only adorable button add just the right about of color in a small vase, or series of vases.

Yep, we aren't kidding! This "flower" provides texture without distracting with color. Bundle several sticks together for a full, space-taking-up pop!

We love this huge flower. On a floor, or in a giant vase, it screams "HELLO" in a beautiful way.

We recently used this floral as a styling device that stood out as unique, and NEW. Place in a bowl or bunch together in a vase.

Simple and classic. These are minimal buds and we love the simplistic look they give off. Clear glass vases are the best way to get your money's worth on this guy.

Split-leaf philodendron:
Yes, that's a tongue twister -- but well worth it. One or two of these leaves will leave you happy and excited to view a floral any day.

Similar to the first flower, we love this for it's round, simplistic shape and color. But the large bud this time makes for an extra special surprise!

TCI Featured on the Cover of Dallas Style and Design

We are honored to be featured on the front cover of Dallas Style and Design with one of my very favorite projects!

 Check out our ten page spread HERE on page 218-228 and learn about our “Ease of Glamour” approach with this beautiful new build.

I’m a mom of three, and I get that spills happen, so I try to outfit my clients’ homes with durable materials that stand up to life’s little messes. Our first priority is to provide a beautiful living space that our clients are eager to come home to. 

Secondly, we want that beauty to last, so we equip most of our projects with indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs, scrubbable paint and nonporous surfaces like quartz. 

Many of our clients entertain frequently and feel at ease knowing that their sleek white sofa sourced by TCI can withstand the occasional spilled red wine.

I make it my goal to grasp my clients’ aspirations, learn their stories, understand their day-to-day, and develop a rapport while creating the design plan. This project was a prime example of that!!

What's your STYLE

We get this question a.LOT. 
How do I know what my "style" is? What IS my style?

Well that is OUR job to help narrow in to what your "style" really is, or what you like to see in your home. 

If you are curious as to what you might be drawn to, 
check out these questions and tips to give yourself a head start!

1. Consider the mood you want to create at home.
Do you want minimal, clean and open, or warm and cozy? This says a lot about the color palette you may be drawn to, or types of accessories you'd use in your home. Also, the lighting plays a huge factor in this category.

2. List the sort of things you’d choose if price were no object.
What are you drawn to? Shiny and flashy or rustic and vintage? When you take money out of the equation, many times you can get to the root of the "style" you are going for.
(TCI project!)

3. Look to your wardrobe. 
Believe it or not, many people dress like they decorate. Are your clothes simplistic and solid, or multi-colored and decked out?

4. Pay equal attention to what you don’t like.
This is very important. Most people can tell us what they DON'T like, but have a hard time telling us what they DO like. What you don't like is equally important because we base many things off this.
(TCI project!)

Good luck style-hunting!

Functional Kitchen = Add a Desk

What is the latest "fad" in kitchen design??

ADDING a "kitchen office" to the space!
What more could the homemaker, cook or mom of the house want?? Yes, a place to drop her keys, store her "treasures" and look cute while doing it.

Here are some tips to make the kitchen office adorable, effective and usable:

1. Takes a "home" outside of the main kitchen work area:

2. Provides a place to charge electronics

3. Has a spacious desk

 4. Becomes the "pit stop" for notes, reminders and mail

 5. Has bookshelves for cookbooks

How cute are these designs? I know you want one too!!

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